A lot of people already compost which is fantastic, and having a food waste collection means that everyone would be able to seperate their inedible food waste – even if they don’t have a garden for a compost bin. Seperating inedible food waste would prevent food being burnt in the incinerator, and stop other recyclable resources being contaminated – making them easier to recycle.

Inedible food waste could be turned into biogas and fertiiliser in an anaerobic digester. This biogas could be put into the gas grid, or better yet used locally to power buses or vans in our city! By using local companies to process the city’s waste, we could create more jobs and keep the value of the waste’s resources in Birmingham.

Having a food waste collection isn’t something new. In fact over 60% of local authorities in the UK have one. Ask anyone you know in Wolverhampton or Sandwell how it works for them!