One of the best ways to help reduce air pollution is to encourage people to walk or cycle more. 25% of all car journeys are of 2 miles or less, walking distance for most people, and you get to see the local scenery too. What we need is new cycling and walking infrastructure that makes it easier for people to make that positive choice.

Another way would be reducing the amount of cars on the road at any given time by starting a car club, or car sharing scheme at work, where turns are taken to drive to work and pick up colleagues on the way. If you pick up 2 colleagues, that’s 2 less cars during rush hour at least, every little helps.

 Recycling more and more effectively is also a good way to help reduce air pollution. More recycling and re-purposing means less waste going to incinerators, therefore, less harmful pollutants released during disposal.

 Birmingham city council needs to monitor air pollution at many more locations than the 3 they already do, giving a more local idea of where the real hotspots are and what needs doing to reduce the problem in these areas. Maybe getting schools and colleges involved by getting students to place air testing kits and compiling the results, and then campaigning for the council to act.

The link below contains a lot of information and ideas: