What you can do!
There are a number of ways you can help, or get involved in our clean air campaign.

Walking or cycling on those short journeys to the paper shop is a good start. If you have to drive somewhere, cut your engine while in stationary traffic for long periods (did you know, you can save a little fuel each time you fill up by only filling up at cold or cooler times of the day, this helps avoid fuel evaporation )

Introduce houseplants to your home, they take a lot of the nasties out of the air, and produce oxygen in return. Plants like Peace lily, Cornstalk, Dracaena and Broadleaf are ideal.

Here’s a few other ways you can help or get involved:

1. Sign a petition – “Fight the blight of air pollution and save lives, sign up to ditch diesel today”: https://act.foe.co.uk/ditchdiesel

2. Order a clean air kit – https://foe.co.uk/clean-air/clean-air-campaign-order-air-kit
The kit includes:  Air monitoring tube, fixings and equipment, instructions, air pollution guide (handy info on how to tackle it) and practical next steps (how to get more involved).

3. Find a local group – There are lots of local groups (including us) playing an active role in the campaign for cleaner air, just follow the link below for more info….