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Clean Air Zone

Clean Air Zone – Time for the Government to Cough Up! Martin Stride As most of you are aware, Birmingham (along with 5 other cities in England) has been required by the government to submit a scheme for a clean air zone (CAZ) to tackle levels of air pollution...

Become an Environmental Leader

Pop-out text: 19-25? Apply for the Environmental Leadership Programme at Article text: The free UpRising Environmental Leadership Programme (ELP) will give you the knowledge, skills, networks and confidence to reach your leadership potential...

Volunteer in spotlight : Sanjive Mahandru

How long have you been volunteering More than 2 years. I was introduced to FOE by Eileen (a friend), who made an impact on my life and the actions I take. She was white, middle class, and ahead of her time. The opposite of me. What do you do at BFOE. Nothing important...

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Can we make gas?

Can we make gas? John Newson Gas is very convenient and is the established way to heat our buildings in winter, which is 45% of total energy use. The North Sea gas fields are depleted and gas is increasingly imported. We don’t want to frack deep rocks in Britain to...

Campaigns Digest Winter 2018/19

Campaigns Digest Winter 2018/19 – Libby Harris Happy New Year everyone. We are looking forward to the campaigning year ahead and we have some exciting plans, so watch this space! Over the past fews months we have been developing the next phase of our air pollution and...

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