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happy BEE week

Even though bees hibernate in winter it doesn’t mean we can’t throw them a party, does it? Well, that’s what we did. The week of 28 November we celebrated the three year ban on neonicotinoids (neonics) in the UK. Neonics, used as a pesticide on for example oilseed...

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Sun Shines on The Warehouse

In late 2014 we installed 16 solar panels on to our roof, then ran out of suitable roof space! Instead of stopping, we refurbished part of the roof with several shed-loads of insulation and slapped 16 more solar panels onto it. I’m happy to declare it a huge success....

Grow Your Tenner 2016

Donate £10 on 14th October and see your Donation Doubled There are lots of ways of supporting Birmingham Friends of the Earth, and one of the best ways is to volunteer on campaigns. However, we realise that this isn't always possible, as life can quite often get in...

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