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COP23 – We are still in

No one was expecting big decisions at COP (Conference of the Parties) 23 in Bonn in November 2017. Instead, it paved the way for rules that will set the Paris Agreement in motion, the deadline for this rulebook to be finished is 2018. A major talking point during the...

Waste Isn’t Rubbish

2017 was dominated by the rubbish strike. Bin bags piling up in the streets, rats returning and your recycling going into the incinerator. The resolution of the dispute was the staff to keep their jobs and have a new responsibility to help householders to recycle...

Volunteer in the spotlight – Mark Hawkins

How long have you been with BFOE? I've been working with bfoe for around 12 months. What do you do at BFOE? I'm very hands on so I've been involved in maintenance around the Warehouse whilst the building work has been going on. I also do a lot of crafts and artwork....

Latest News

Warehouse update

As visitors to The Warehouse will have seen, work on the building project is advancing at pace. The new main staircase and entrance from Allison Street has been installed, along with the upstairs toilets. Most of the concrete for the new cafe floor in Middle Bay has...

Community Orchard Course

If you had told me that one of my highlights of 2017 would have been sitting and staring intently at apples trying to ID (identify) them, I would have told you I’d rather get up at 5 AM once a month on a Saturday to get a train to London. However, not only did both of...

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