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Dudley Road “Improvements”

In June 2018, Birmingham City Council cabinet met and worked through an agenda of around 1080 pages covering important items requiring a decision to be made. Amongst these were 2 which were very important for Birmingham’s environment. The first was making a decision...

Digbeth Community Garden Update

We have been very productive in the garden over the last few months. We have cleared out a lot of junk and there seems to be a lot more space in there, even with the new hazel dome/steam lodge structure. Having erected some birch posts for a shelter and extended the...

Campaigns Digest – Spring 2019

Hello, welcome to the spring edition of our newsletter. Over the past few months we have been thinking about the year ahead and what campaigns BFoE should run. After two campaign planning days in February and March, we have decided our focus this year will be on air...

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Warehouse News

It's been a busy two months! Firstly, recent visitors will notice the Warehouse is looking pretty fine as we have now managed to complete the last major renovation stage: a refurbishment of the ‘Top Office.’ It's looking lovely, a much better workspace and we owe a...

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