Let’s Get Moving was our campaign in 2013 and 2014 to tackle Birmingham’s appalling air quality by investing more in active travel (walking & cycling), calling on Birmingham City Council at least £10 per person per year for at least 10 years.

The campaign gained lots of support from individuals and and groups from across the city, culminating in our petition hand-in to the Council in November 2014.

Although we’re not doing quite as much on air pollution this year, doesn’t mean we’ll be ignoring the issue. Check out the air quality page for more info on our continuing work on this area.

Clean Air Zone

Clean Air Zone – Time for the Government to Cough Up! Martin Stride As most of you are aware, Birmingham (along with 5 other cities in England) has been required by the government to submit a scheme for a clean air zone (CAZ) to tackle levels of air pollution...

Musings about cycling

Our addiction to cars. Do buses smell? Do we feel safe or is it may be below our status to travel on buses or public transport generally? More roads we build, the more we use them the more congested they become the more pollution we breath in, more people die. 40,000...

Have your say on the proposed Clean Air Zone

Have your say on the proposed Clean Air Zone

Have your say on the proposed Clean Air Zone You may be aware that Birmingham City Council are currently asking for everyone's views on introducing a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) by 2020. Air pollution levels now exceed the legal limits in a number of locations in the city,...