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Permaculture Garden

In Autumn last year I acquired a garden of my own for the first time. I’d never had a garden that I had control over before. When I moved into the house the garden comprised of a shed, wooden mulch and some slabs. Initially I had no plans to change the garden, but...

The Ocean Fights Back

This weekend the British Museum found itself invaded by merfolk, pirates and a giant creature from the deep as part of an elaborate protest against its newly renewed sponsorship deal with BP. Organised by the collective BP or not BP, who have staged 36 public...

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Grow Your Tenner 2016

Donate £10 on 14th October and see your Donation Doubled There are lots of ways of supporting Birmingham Friends of the Earth, and one of the best ways is to volunteer on campaigns. However, we realise that this isn’t always possible, as life can quite often get...

How to create a dementia friendly community

On Wednesday 5 October a champion of Dementia Friends will be coming along to The Warehouse to run an information session. The session will explore what it’s like to live with dementia and how we can create a dementia friendly community. The session is open to...

BFOE bees have arrived!

At Birmingham Friends of the Earth, we are passionate about saving bees from decline and raising awareness of the important role bees play in our survival. Our passion lead to the development of our Digbeth Bees Please! Appeal. Over the past couple of months we have...

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