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Localising money

Localisation campaign Much of the work around localisation has been done by the transition movement and organisations like the New Economics Foundation and the Schumacher Society. E.F. Schumacher, author of ‘Small is Beautiful: a study of economics as if people...

Shaz’s Top 5 Energy-Saving Tips

This post first appeared on Shaz30’s Thought for the Day blog: I work for an energy company, and as a result I often get asked about how to save money on your energy bills. I...

Waste not, want not!

  I was really looking forward to The Real Junk Food Project coming to our meeting Monday meeting. Food is one of my passions in life. I love cooking and I hate waste! The main aim of the project is to intercept waste food and turn it into hot and cold meals for those...

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Divestment Day comes to Brum!

On the 14th of February Birmingham’s Victoria Square was taken over by an orange banner and a group of determined activists fighting for divestment from fossil fuels. The action was one of over 450 organised in cities across the globe as part of Divestment Day....

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