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Cars may be very convenient for millions of people, but they are hugely inconvenient in so many ways. Of course, the chief reason why we oppose cars is the damage that they cause to the environment: pollutants from car exhausts cause both immediate and long-term...

Small things like me

Small things like me

By Alice Minal As I am growing up I have been taught to share and be nice by adults - but lately I have noticed that they are not doing the same. I live by a beach. I share the beach with sea birds, creatures, people who live here and tourists. I can see the rubbish,...

Campaigns Digest 2019

Campaigns Digest 2019

Hello and welcome to our summer newsletter. What an exciting time we have had at BFoE over the past few months! Our Nurture Nature Day was a success despite the odd rain shower and our new Climate Change Campaign is really starting to take shape. We have some great...

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No! to widening the Moseley Road

No! to widening the Moseley Road

Transport  for West Midlands is planning to widen stretches of the Moseley Road through Balsall Heath, requiring the destruction of trees and the narrowing of footways. This will lead to even heavier traffic and a worse environment for pedestrians and cyclists. Yes,...

Proposed Widening of the Moseley Road

Please help to spread this information. Widening of the Moseley Road through Balsall Heath is proposed by Birmingham City Council and Transport for WM, so as to make four lanes of traffic. This is to allow bus lanes in both directions, so as to reduce delays to buses...

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